Affordable Bedding For Our Space

Affordable Bedding Blue Flower View in gallery

Light and breathable affordable bedding, a cool color palette (not cold) and well-kept details will help you to immunize your bedroom against the heat. Inspire yourself in these ideas.  The blue of the sky and the sea, the white of the clouds and the green of the landscape. Plaid and cushions give joy and freshness to a bedroom dominated by white. In white and blue: They are a winning combination for summer.

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If you choose a tone of intense blue, better reserve it for the complements, as it has been done here with the plaid and a cushion. Did you know that the affordable bedding blue color relaxes and refreshes at the same time? That’s why it’s one of our favorites in summer bedrooms. And not only in the textiles, but also in the walls, always combined with the exceptional touch of light of white.

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The pink, lilac or even beige of the bedding and cushions have a dusty spot that makes them warm and cool at the same time. Flowers and more flowers. On the affordable bedding, by Designers Guild, and on the cushions, which combine different prints but all of them floral. By sharing the white background they convey more freshness.