All About The Outdoor Electric Fireplace With Heat

Author: David Cole | Categories: outdoor fireplace comments
Patio Electric Fireplace

First of all, it is a decorative outdoor electric fireplace with heat, but at the same time serves as backup heating. In this sense, it has the appearance of a real chimney. But with wood or fake wood charcoal, accompany by the animation of flames and embers created by a lighting system. With which it gets the illusion of a real fireplace fire that surprises by its total realism.

Yes, but the heating function is to support or complement, as could be an electric radiator. Inside the electric chimney has an electrical resistance installed. Which can be from 1000 to 2000 w maximum power, which is accompanied by a fan that helps the heat can be distributed by convection. You can really use the simulation function of flames without using the heating if you only want to enjoy the vision of the game of the flames to create a pleasant atmosphere in the room. On the other hand, when the heating function is used, it is always accompanied by a flame simulation function.

In the simulation function of flames, the consumption of the appliance is very low, since only one or two lamps of 11w or in its case LED lights are used. In the heating mode, being from 1000 to 2000 W maximum, the consumption is the same as an electric radiator of similar power. The difference lies in the lack of risk of the electric fireplace, since it does not use fuel, so it is not necessary to buy it, transport it or store it.

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