Awesome Glass Jars with Lids  

Oct 17th
Unique Glass Jars with Lids
Unique Glass Jars with Lids

Glass jars with lids – Have you discovered our glass bottles with a tap? Beautiful and generous cans for between 4 and 8 liters, all equipped with a tap for easy serving. Suitable for both the children’s party, in the arbor as welcome drink with punch, juice or PIMS. Festive and beautiful to decorate with slices of lemon, strawberry, lemon balm mm.

You will also find fine bottles suitable for storage, such as spices, self-made muesli or dry goods. Buy your glass jars line of house-mother! Nice glass jars with lids in the old style. Lovely to have candy, jam or perhaps cotton. Cozy having reached the storage and decoration and cozy to have candy into Christmas.

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If you get too crazy on the difficult-open packaging? Relax, there are simple housewife tips to get to. Ingenious and free!  Glass jars with lids, tap lightly with the cover around all sides against a countertop. Then place a rubber band around the lid. Suddenly it is possible to open just like that. It can be harder than you think if you do not have scissors handy. Take two coins and put on either side of the peak. Press against each other!

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