Beautiful And Antique Bookcases With Glass Doors

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The modular antique bookcases with glass doors and with pivoting glass doors are really a very versatile format because they can be used in different places of the house and with very different functions. Although the original idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis piece of furniture is English -they were designed as booksellers- it is such a practical design that they have been covered on countless occasions.

Keeping, yes, its reduced volumes and you can even find them by modules and with wheels that can be stacked and moved according to our convenience. Since the antique bookcases with glass doors protects the dust books but always keeps them in view. They do not take up much space and are really aesthetic. You can place them in the living room or in that room that you have conditioned as a home office.

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Or in an office area, this type of furniture works very well. To store glasses, plates and the different pieces of kitchenware that you use daily. Whether you put several modules or just two as in this photo where it was install at the same height as the sideboard. In addition, having the fronts of antique bookcases with glass doors becomes a decorative element. Since in it you can display your most beautiful kitchenware.

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