Beauty Distressed White Kitchen Cabinets

Aug 8th
Diy Distressed White Kitchen Cabinets Photo

Although most paint finishes are used to create a flawless color, uniform, distressed white kitchen cabinets have dents, trademarks and parts of worn paint. A distressed white finish applied to kitchen furniture makes them look old and weathered. This finish evokes a sense of old world charm and is at home in many kitchens, especially scenery in country or French styles.

Beauty of distressed white kitchen cabinets is paintable finish this yourself, and any mistake you make will only increase attractiveness of all kitchen furniture. Clean cabinet with a cleaner degreaser, if you are working with existing cabinets. Allow cabinet to dry completely before painting. If you are requesting a distressed white finish with new cabinets, do not clean them with a cleaner.

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Paint cabinets with a base layer of a dark contrasting color. This is color that will show through parts of white paint finish. If you want color of your existing cabinets to show through, no need to paint. Common for distressed white kitchen cabinets finishes basic colors include dark brown, sage green, gray and black. Use a satin latex paint and apply with a brush chip 4 inches. Allow paint to dry at least 12 hours.

Apply latex paint antique cabinets. Most white paint finishes use a distressed antique brown glaze, but cabinets with a base layer of black or gray using black enamel antiques. Dip a soft cotton cloth and wipe enamel cabinets. Use a clean cotton cloth after applying glaze to remove excess glaze. You need to work glaze while wet, so only apply polish to a section of cabinet at a time. How to remove enamel off a little at a time, taking a step back to see effect. Focus on removing enamel flat areas as center of cabinets, leaving enamel in knocks, bumps and cracks. Once you are satisfied with effect, allow polish to dry. Follow directions on Manufacturing for drying time.

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