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May 18, 2021 Garden Landscape

Best Edible Landscapes Ideas

Edible landscapes – A better home and garden would offer edible plants that you can harvest for more than just becoming decorative features or a hobby. Edible gardens and landscapes offer quite functionality that I dare to say about elegance and charm. Edible plants especially fruits and vegetables are for sure a must have that you can plant in most of landscape spaces. Well, planting decorative plants like flowers as addition is a very good idea. There are other things that you can pour in the effort to make sure about greater quality of garden and landscape design with edible themes.

Edible Landscape Garden

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Planter boxes are commonly made of cedar wood but you can save some more cash by using railroad ties. You can plant carrot, tomatoes and adding mulch will be very awesome in supporting the growth. Well, covering the planters with simple net makes sure that bugs will not be able to disturb your edible plants. Water drainage is a must so that able to lose excessive irrigation. Wall mount some containers with edible plants for space saver in the small landscapes. Tiered design creates unique and indeed quite interesting edible gardening and landscaping.

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Martha Stewart is a popular designer of home interior and exterior spaces. When it comes to garden and landscape design ideas according to Martha Stewart, edible landscapes are quite unique. Some shrubs, bushes, hays and perennials even dwarf plants are added to create more interesting values. You can definitely pour your own ideas on this.

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