Convert Small Desks with Drawers for Keyboard Tray

Oct 1st
Small Desks With Drawers For Sale
Small Desks With Drawers For Sale

Small Desks With Drawers – Instead of throwing out the old clunky but solid wood desk, adapt to work like a computer. Remove the two lower right or left drawers and the crossbars between them. To create a platform to hold the tower computer. Or put it on the floor at the back of the leg and foot opening. Drill a hole large enough for cables at the top of the table near the back and insert a plastic or rubber washer into the drilled hole before threading the monitor cable through it. The top drawer of the middle becomes a tray for the keyboard to finish your updated old desktop computer.

Measure the height of the middle top drawer to make sure it has enough space to hold the keyboard. Most drawers are wide and skinny. Measure your small desks with drawers width against the width of the keyboard to ensure a good fit. Remove the top drawer of the old wooden desk. You may lift the drawer a little as you pull out if you have two small wheels on each side in the back. If not, just pull the drawer straight out. Drill a hole in the back of the drawer closest to the location and large enough to pass the keyboard cable. Insert a rubber or plastic washer into the hole to prevent the cable from rubbing against the wood. It also gives a finished look. If you have a wireless keyboard, skip this step.

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Disconnect the drawer face from the drawer by cutting away with an alternative saw. Insert the saw blade between the edges where the front of the drawer is next to the side and bottom pieces and cut the front. Sand cut the edges with 80 grit sandpaper to remove burrs and wood chips. Apply wood stain or paint to the raw edges of wood to seal and protect. Place the drawer in the slides and insert the keyboard into the drawer. Screw the cable, if present, through the hole in the back of the drawer. Abracadabra, what a great small desks with drawers that convert into a desk with keyboard tray.

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