Dusk To Dawn Outdoor Lights With Timer

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Utilitech Dusk To Dawn Light Problems

Dusk to dawn outdoor lights can illuminate appreciated plants or your home, along with providing additional security during the night. Components of outdoor landscape lighting are usually hidden in bushes or on walkways, so the focus is on the plants or the architecture itself. Landscape lighting Many kits come with a timer, so you can set the lights to turn on and off at a specific time. The method of adjusting the timer will vary according to the brand, but there is a general procedure that can be followed.

Examine the timer switch to see what mechanisms the timer uses. Some timers use a digital menu, and others use a rotating disc. See if the timer has an «Auto» function, it will automatically turn on the lights on and off at sunrise and sunset. Turn the dial while you want lights to turn on if you have a dial timer. Send the timer for the current time. It will continue to rotate, and when the sphere reaches the “On” or “Deactivate” setting, the lights will react accordingly.

Hold the up or down arrows of a digital timer to select the time you want the lights to turn on. Press the “On” button. Wait for the screen to flash, or otherwise indicate that the time is set. Hold the up or down arrows to select the time you want to turn off the lights. Press the “Off” button for the indication that the shutdown time is set.

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