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Taking advantage of design we have made of diy bookcase plans for a home that we show below, we also wanted to reflect in post today different options of ideas and designs to make your own shelves in your homes. If we are voracious book readers, we may accumulate a good collection of them over years. So design in our home of a library or bookshelves will make it easier for us to find books and make reading more fun and relaxing.

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We have to take into account three basic aspects: space, shelves and lighting. Once we have chosen space in which we are going to place it, we can choose among hundreds of ideas to adapt it to our personal tastes. Recessed shelves, floor to ceiling, will allow us to save space. Hang shelves on wall and if we have spaces with great height, have a ladder included in design of it to get to diy bookcase plans.

We can include soft sofas and chairs that invite you to spend hours reading books. Finally, an adequate lighting, placed over shoulder, so that light is not directly in eyes and finally a good system of organization to help us find desired book quickly. It is important to remember that we can also decorate shelves with personal items, such as photographs and memories that break visual rows of diy bookcase plans.

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