How Does Chiminea Outdoor Fireplace Work?

Author: David Cole | Categories: outdoor fireplace comments
Small Chiminea

Chiminea outdoor fireplace can be as simple as an open fire pit, or exactly like an indoor fireplace, complete with fireplace. Separate fireplaces are very similar to the standard indoor fireplace. There are interior sloping walls, a fireplace and a fireplace with a cushion. The chimney is usually much shorter than an indoor fireplace, however, but still high enough to carry smoke away from the area.

Other outdoor fireplaces are designed as portable fire pits. They have large metal bowls on their legs. The fire is made in the container, in which it is contained. Some of these portable fire pits also have a wire cover. Because the metal conducts heat, it can become very hot. Many are placed inside a surrounding stone built specifically for that purpose. However, other fire pits are designed exclusively of stone, in a simple circle with earthen floor or stone. All types of fireplaces are usually firewood.

Traditional freestanding outdoor fireplaces carry smoke away from people by the fireplace by using the fireplace. When the fire starts in the combustion chamber, the air inside the fireplace heats up, causing it to rise up the chimney. This action allows the cold air to move underneath it, feeding the flames of the fire. Warm air and smoke rise up the chimney and out the top.

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