How To Build Cast Iron Outdoor Fireplace

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Vintage Cast Iron Chiminea

Cast Iron Outdoor Fireplace – The creation of an outdoor living area heated by a cast iron stove does not require the installation of an extended and vented interior heating stove. Outdoor cast iron stoves are units that require a pad under hearth to prevent a fire from sparks lost under the separate stove. The hearth pad consists of a weather-resistant and heat-resistant board greater than the cast-iron stove.

Add 8 inches to the length and width of the floor space of the kitchen. Cut two tables for the length plus 8 inches and two for the width plus 8 inches. For example, if your stove carries up to 20 by 24 inches of floor space, cut two tables 28 inches long and two boards 32 inches long. Clave the boards together in a box shape to create a 6-inch deep mold for the cement. Place the mold on a flat part of the ground where you want to have your cast iron stove.

Fill the mold with the prepared cement mixture and allow it to dry overnight, or according to the instructions in the package instructions. Remove the nails that hold the mold together to take the plates off. Place the cast iron stove on top of the hearth pad. The weight of the cast iron stove must hold it in place on the hearth platform.

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