How To Clean Up A 2 Gallon Glass Jar Lid

Sep 22nd
Wonderful 2 Gallon Glass Jar
Wonderful 2 Gallon Glass Jar

How To Clean Up A 2 Gallon Glass Jar Lid – Sanitizing jar lid is an important step in cutting fruits and vegetables. Proper sanitation ensures that the food will not fall victim to bacteria and will last longer than it would otherwise. There are several methods by which to clean up your jars and lids, including moist heat, dry heat, natural methods and chemical methods including bleach, iodine and alcohol. The method you choose should be the one that best suits your needs and time constraints.

Moist heat method to clean up 2 gallon glass jar lid, place the jar lids in a dishwasher at the highest setting or hands wash them in very hot water with plenty of soap. Wash 2 gallon glass jar lid in the dishwasher or by hand will certainly decontaminate them, but if you want them to be completely sterilized by moist heat, place them in boiling water for up to ten minutes. Pressure cooker can also be used to decontaminate items with moist heat. Place the jars above the water in the bottom of the pressure cooker, and the rising steam will sterilize them. Let caps sit in the pressure cooker for 30 minutes after it starts to release steam. Remove the jar lids from the pressure cooker and let it cool before using them.

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Using alcohol is another way to clean 2 gallon glass jar lid. Mix with water so that composes 70 to 80 percent of the mixture. Spray caps with alcohol or soak them in it. The alcohol evaporates quickly, so there’s no need to rinse something sterilized with it. Chlorine bleaching can be used to decontaminate items. It should be used in a ratio of one tablespoon per gallon of water. Soak items in a bleach mixture for upwards of 20 minutes. Hydrogen peroxide can be used in small amounts to disinfect and sanitize your jar lids. The mixture should contain three percent hydrogen peroxide and the balance water so that each liter of water should contain about 39 ounces of liquid hydrogen peroxide. White distilled vinegar, also called acetic acid, can be used to disinfect the glass jar lid. Its acidic nature kills bacteria.

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