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Ideas for Decorate a Ashley Bookcase

Ashley bookcase are functional furniture that allows you to store your books in a neat and organized manner, they are also part of your home decor. Rather than just pushing them full of books and leaving it on it, you can create a look that complements the style of the room they are in. Adding memories and artifacts to your bookshelves will create a nice.

Stylish Ashley Bookcase

Stylish Ashley Bookcase

Ideas for decorate an Ashley bookcase, clear your shelves completely and start over from the beginning. An empty palette is always the best and lets your creativity flow. Leaving the shelves as they are can hinder your creative vision as you show your shelves as they have always been. Do not fill more than 50 to 75 percent of your shelf with books. Stand a few at their ends to create a horizontal line and place others on top of each other to create a vertical stack. Use the stacks as improvised book support to keep the other books from falling. Leave spaces between your books. Rather than leaving a space at the end of each shelf, leave a space in the center of a shelf, on the right of another and on the left side of another.

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Select a large item for each space or two or three smaller ones. Choose a vase of colorful flowers, a model plane you built, a cactus that was a souvenir from your trip to Arizona or a favorite watch or sculpture. Use similar items to create a unified theme or different ones to create an eclectic look. Select a window box or oblong plants to sit on top of each Ashley bookcase.

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