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Decorating modern living room takes some insight. After all, nothing kills the more disruptive aspect of those elegant lines with too many ornaments or an overload of kitsch. Before you start, take a long hard look at your possessions and start editing. Then work on a plan for storage, so that your new contemporary decor can shine.

Set yourself up in a color scheme for a modern living room. You can go with smooth white and black, punching it up with some details in red or blue. Another option is more casual modern, with a trendy color combination like brown and lavender espresso or an accent wall in muted red or deep green. The “modern bohemian” look is more modern, with darker and more difficult finishes. Modern Asian is a fusion of Asian styles and earth tones and outstanding natural materials.

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Emphasize space and flow. Invest in furniture that has clean lines. Low seats, simple patterns and geometric shapes are ideal. Modular, lightweight furniture works well, as it allows you to move around it for different purposes. Open floor plans are popular in modern living room design, allowing you to emphasize the flow of space. Let the natural light pour and use color accents to unify the space. For example, use brightly colored carpets throughout the space to bring them together, or arrange furniture in a way that creates wide open paths through the floor.

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