Ideas Of Outdoor Bistro Chairs

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Swivel Outdoor French Bistro Chairs

Outdoor bistro chairs arrangements that generally seat only two people. They originate in France and vary in style from classic traditional designs to more complex, sophisticated looks. The Bistro tables are small but inviting and can add an elegant, chic look to your patio. It will be easier to use a bistro kit to build your bistro set, but you can save money and add your own personal touch if you build it all by yourself.


Determine the pattern and style you want your bistro to reflect. While outdoor bistro chairs can be made from plastic, wood, or metal, metal creates a traditional bistro look. Your design should be relatively simple when making your first set. Determine the dimensions for your table and chairs. Use dimensions for chairs to measure eight metal strips for the legs. Heat each metal strip individually over the heat source. Measure another four metal strips on the dimensions you chose for your table and use the heat source to make four table legs.

Create a base for the table by adding a longer strip between two legs at the top of the curve. Add another large strip to the top of the other two legs. Use two strips to connect the legs to make your table top. To make the base of the outdoor bistro chairs connect a strip to the beginning of two legs. Create a spot using four additional metal strips welded together. Use the metal file to make the chair smooth. Weld the seat on the legs of the chair. For a standard metal tabletop, heat eight to twelve metal strips over your heat source and weld in a flat shape to fit the top of the table legs.

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