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August 28, 2021 Dinnerware

Identify Glass Dinnerware

Glass dinnerware – A look inside the cabinets and china cabinets of most homes would reveal a diverse collection of glassware. For many of us it is a collection of glass pieces bought in a store, a legacy of a friend or relative, and picked up at garage sales or flea markets.

Glass Dinnerware Addition

Glass Dinnerware Addition


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Examine your glass dinnerware. Watch your glass under the bright light to find any maker marks. These are usually located on the bottom of the glass. Many makers acid etching or engrave a signature on their products. Use a magnifying glass because some markers have become difficult to read because of time and wear.

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Use an identification guidebook. Visit your local bookstore or library to find guides to help identify patterns and glass dinnerware. If you could find a manufacturer signature when you examined your glasses, books that are specific to the manufacturer. If you are still trying to identify both the manufacturer and the pattern of your piece, look for general guides or use any part of your glass to limit your search.

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Contact a glass replacement company. A company Replacements, Ltd., which supplies replacement pieces of china, silver and glass, offers a free identification service. Send the company a picture of your glass via email, fax or regular mail. Get a professional opinion. If you have trouble identifying your glass or if you want a second opinion, take your piece or detailed images of the play to an antique store or a glass show.

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