Linen Fabric Toile Bedding

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Nature Scenes

Toile bedding is available in colorful patterns with lush trees with fruit and / or flowers along with animals, including beautiful birds or playful monkeys. The animals in this type of toile are usually eating or playing and are caricatures of real animals. For example, the birds will be richly colored feathered with dramatic long tails.

Chinoserie Scenes

Another type of toile bedding is Chinoserie. A pattern that shows caricature images of Chinese, imagined scenes in their daily lives, and oriental landscapes. According to quilters muse. Com, this pattern became first popular in the latter part of the 18th century as descriptions and drawings from travelers to the East made it back to Europe and other parts of the world. However, the pattern is still popular today and is used in many high-end designs in both monochromatic and multicolored styles.

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Historic Scenes

Toile bedding has also been used for centuries to tell the story of a historic event. For example, Colonial Williamsburg’s 1930s restoration created popular interest in early American history and design. These according to the fabric museum. org. That’s why you can find many patterns that show US history icons like “Old Glory” (the American flag) and early patriots like Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and George Washington.

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