Maintenance Stainless Steel Grills

Oct 1st
Simple Stainless Steel Grills
Simple Stainless Steel Grills

Stainless steel grills – Once you have assembled the grill, clean the entire exterior with Weber grill’s stainless steel. The product removes any dirt and grease from the factory on the grill outside. The cleaning agent also provides a protective surface to prevent surface rust and dirt from gaining a foothold on the grill when it is out there. Remember to wipe the grill with a dry cloth.

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We recommend that you clean the grill outside 1-3 times a year with a Weber stainless steel grills. Spray the outside when the grill is cool and let it work for a while. Remember to wipe the grill with a dry cloth. Wash the grille in soapy water so you get rid of dirt and oil. Lubricate the grid in edible oil. The easiest way to moisten some paper towel with cooking oil and rub the grill with paper.

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A successful barbecue meal always gives little residue on the grid. You can easily remove them by lifting from the grid when it is cold and syringe on the Weber BBQ’s  stainless steel grills. Let it work for a minute and brush thoroughly with a grill brush. When the grill is clean lubricate, insert it with cooking oil.

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