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Playful Ideas Halloween Serveware Theme

Halloween serveware – When the hundreds of thousands of Irish immigrants arrived in the United States in the mid-nineteenth century, they found that their new host land was not planted ‘turnips’, a vegetable that was essential for one of their celebrations:   “All Hallows Eve ” (Halloween Santos) an ancient and traditional festival of Celtic origin known as” Samhain “and which evoked the deceased and the end of the harvest was celebrated.

Halloween Serveware Archives

Halloween Serveware Archives

For this halloween serveware performed rudimentary lanterns using turnips that emptied and lit its interior as if they were lanterns and which should remain lit all night, in order to try not to make angry the spirits. Note that the people Celtic were very superstitious and based many of his stories and beliefs on legends, gods and deceased, something that was inherited in all regions that received his influence.

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When the Irish did not have turnips, and the impossibility of celebrating the first Halloween without them until they could have their own production planted by them, they took advantage of a product of season and that was harvested widely in all the United States: the pumpkin .This was how the pumpkin became a site in this very ancient celebration that has changed since then, becoming a party totally playful. It should be noted that the tradition also speaks of an essential character in the celebration of halloween serveware.

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