Refresh Old Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

Sep 10th
Top Kitchen Backsplash Tiles
Top Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

Kitchen backsplash tiles – Kitchens are to remodel the most expensive room in the house, and if yours is out of date, you may be discouraged by being stuck with old backsplash tiles that have seen better days. While it takes a lot of time and money to remove and replace outdated tiles, you can freshen up the old tiles by using a bit of creative license. By installing new grout and resealing of the tiles, you can see your kitchen look like it belongs in the current decade.

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To refresh old kitchen backsplash tiles, clean the backsplash with a mixture of 1 cup vinegar and 1 cup water. Remove all dirt, grime and grease. Attach the new pre-mixed grout with a grout float. Pressure on the grout completely into the space created by the sanding.

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Clean off any excess grout, using an adhesive sponge to further smooth the slurry in a single line which is slightly lower than the face of the tile. Wait for seven to 10 days for the grout to cure, depending on the time recommended by the manufacturer sealer. Apply a uniform coating of sealer to the grout and the tile, with a lint-free cloth to fully coat the entire kitchen backsplash tiles. Let it dry as recommended by the manufacturer sealer.

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