Remodeling Iron Bench Outdoor

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Best Iron Bench Outdoor Ideas

Iron bench outdoor a decorative touch to best outdoor spaces. Outdoor forged iron benches require refinishing more often than indoor furniture due to exposure to all types of weather conditions. Wrought iron benches are available in many sizes and styles, ranging from clean lines to intricate volutes. Choose a paint pickling process based on personal preferences.

Wash the wrought iron bench with warm soapy water to remove dirt, dust and debris. Remove the old paint from the bench using a chemical stripper, hand sanding, wire brush or sand blasting with a low-powered sandblasting. Apply chemical stripper to the wrought iron bench according to package instructions, allow the chemicals to break paint, bubble and scrape adhesion with a metal spatula. Use medium grain sandpaper from the old paint sand and then sand with a fine-grained sandpaper to smooth the surface.

Brush the surfaces of the wrought iron bench with a wire brush with force to remove paint and rust. Rent a low-powered sandblast and blast away old paint. Wash the wrought iron bench with soap and water to remove dust or chemical residue, rinse well and dry completely. Paint two coats of alkyd inhibitor antioxidant primer to the wrought iron bench with a foam brush, allowing each coat to dry completely in the middle, usually two to four hours.

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