The Right Beer Glass for the Right Beer

Oct 11th
Sour Beer Glass Set
Sour Beer Glass Set

A sour beer glass usually sits in a tall glass that curves from the mouth width to a narrow base. A Stella Artois arrived into the funnel stretches with small feet. And that’s just the beginning. How many different forms of beers are there? And what is the right glass to use? If you are a beer lover said the glass was not a problem and it’s OK to drink from the bottle, there are one or two things he should know.

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Sour beer glass be sure when fire hit a commercial staple glass manufacture lagers met in the late 1800’s – brews clearly glistening in translucent containers. It did not take long after that for the plant to realize that they can put their names on glasses and gave them to a bar that serves beer they. Bar got free glasses; the beer gets add

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In Belgium, arguably the country with most brands of beer in the world, took it to heart – 450 beers each country has its own glass. But as in the wine world, some fans argue that you need the right glass as a way to control the beer carbonation. Shape sour beer glass is a function of the carbonation in beer, the surface area at the bottom of the glass, and the finished surface of the glass itself.

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