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Romantic Bedroom with Pastel Bedding

Pastel bedding – Romantic rooms feature soft fabrics, beautiful colors and Lacy curtains. These rooms are elegant yet sophisticated. Specific decor pieces such as old-fashioned mirrors or antiques work well in romantic rooms. Choose colors that suit you and your partner’s interests. Textiles such as lace and pastel bedding silk also blend well in a romantic bedroom.

Beautiful Pastel Bedding

If you choose light furniture for decor, off-set this with bedding in dark purple. But if your furniture is dark choose lighter purple pastel bedding. Hang dried roses on the four corners of your bed. If you have a canopy, use soft fabrics in darker colors as a contrast to bright walls. Also, design and ideas for romantic bedroom, add decor pieces that accent the purple as silver mirrors and picture frames. Fill the room with white or burgundy furniture. Both colors work well with a pastel room.

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The best design for romantic bedroom, paint a large accent wall red and leave all remaining walls and ceiling white. Place your bed against the red wall. Choose lighter colored pastel bedding such as pink, white or cream to offset the red one. Also, hang a large framed photo of a white rose on the red wall over your bed. The red wall will make the white rose stand out. Frame photos of red roses on two or more of the other white walls in the room.

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