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May 21, 2021 Dinnerware

Sango Dinnerware Stupendous Customer Service

Sango Dinnerware Stupendous Customer Service – Sango Dinnerware is available in many finishes, textures and styles. The company that manufactures the dinnerware is located in Java, Indonesia. They have a modernized ceramic manufacturing plant that employs more than 4,500 workers all dedicated to the production of fine ceramic ware for both commercial and individual use. Sango sells their individual dinnerware sets through discount outlets such as Walmart, and all the way through designer showrooms and more expensive stores like Macy’s. This diversity and price range has allowed a lot of new couples to buy or receive Sango dinnerware and test it out.

Amazing Sango Dinnerware

Amazing Sango Dinnerware

When you look at Sango dinnerware products it isn’t long before you encounter reviews about the quality and performance of their dinnerware. Many people review the attractive colors, patterns and size of the pieces with favorable commentary. However, all too often some of Sango’s dinnerware sets have performance reviews that are concerning. Some pieces, such as their Nova series have glazing issues. These issues seem to center around spotting when cleaned by a dishwasher, spotting or changes in the glaze after microwave-oven use, and spotting or discoloration if food is left on the surface for too long. Some consumers report a caramelizing of the finish.

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Image of: Amazing Sango Dinnerware
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Among the consumers that have expressed their issues to the company most report a highly satisfying experience with the customer service people working for Sango dinnerware. Many report a prompt response and in some cases have included a complete replacement of their pieces. This strong, positive response appears to reinforce the popularity of the Sango dinnerware brand. Retired Sango pieces are available through common dinnerware resource outlets and many people who buy one set of Sango dinnerware piece, will later buy additional pieces or a different set. Favorable comments usually include pleasure at the hand-made feel of some of the pieces as well as an enjoyment of the larger sizes and unusual patterns.

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