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May 16, 2021 Drinkware

Tips Choosing Wine Glass Drinkware

Glass Drinkware – There are hundreds of different styles of wine drinking glasses designed for different purposes and types of wine. But for most wine tasting and drinking, knowing a few ideal wine glass features can make the choice easy. Here is a few guideline to help you choosing. Choose two wine glasses of different sizes. Select the smaller ones for white wine and the larger ones for red wine. Generally, wines with more body go better in slightly larger cups, while lighter and fruity wines can give the size in smaller cups.

Glass Drinkware Colored

Glass Drinkware Colored

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The reason why white wine needs a smaller glass drinkware is because this type of wine does not need to “warm up” long before drinking. Due to the size of the red wine glasses, the bigger the better, so it can fill up to 1/3 of its capacity, leaving the rest of the glass to breathe. Choose flute or tulip cups (champagne type) for sparkling wines and champagne. This way helps the bubbles remain intact for longer and will guarantee a better taste and aroma while you drink the sparkling wine.

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Look for cups that have the rolled edge. They have a better finish and feel better to the touch of the mouth. For wine tasting events, choose small and inexpensive wine glass drinkware. The smaller tasting glasses are the best, particularly if you are going to serve a lot at a certain time and over the course of the night.

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