Types of Drink Shaker

Aug 9th
Drink Shaker Small
Drink Shaker Small

Drink shaker can be made with just two ingredients, or by melding a variety of beverages. The most important accessory for anyone who is interested in producing these drinks, however complex they may be, is often a shaker. A drink shaker is a necessity for any bar worth its salt, and there are two main varieties.


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The cobbler drink shaker – also known as the European shaker – is usually made of aluminum, but sometimes you’ll see glass versions. It consists of a large container and a top that often serves as a measure for ingredients. The top also has a built-in strainer through which the finished cocktail poured. When Shoemaker shaken this sieve, covered with a lid.


The two main types of drink shaker, the technique is to mix a cocktail same. Ice cubes or crushed ice goes in first. Then each ingredient is added – most people use a measure (sometimes called a jigger) for this, although experienced cocktail makers can do it by sight. Set up on the shaker and shake between 10 and 20 seconds. Pour the drink over fresh ice or in a clean glass – ice in the shaker is not used as part of the drink. If the recipe calls for it, add a straw and any garnish, then enjoy.

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