What is the Height of Lights over a Small Kitchen Table?

Sep 19th
Small Kitchen Table Style
Small Kitchen Table Style

Small kitchen table – If you have a table set up in your kitchen, it is very likely that you have a roof-mounted light directly across the table. No universal standard for the height of the lights hung over a table, but when you install this type of light, it is important to follow a number of rules for safety and functionality. The standard height for kitchen ceiling is 8 meters. As such, when the lights are hung directly from the ceiling, they reduce the height of the area directly below them. When the lights are hung one foot below the ceiling, for example, the space under the light now only seven meters in height.

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No matter what style of lights hang, adjust the height so that it does not compromise the safety of the residents and guests in your home. A light hung extremely low can be dangerous for a tall person. When this person stands up after sitting at the small kitchen table, he can bang your head on the light, causing a minor head injury and also damage to the light. Since most people are less than 6 meters high, hold the bulbs no more than 2 meters below the ceiling. If you have high family members, raising the light accordingly.

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Whether you are trying to install kitchen lighting yourself or have an electrician do the work for you, determines the height of your lights through trial and error. Have someone sit at the small kitchen table while holding the light, and then reverse the roles. Come up with a consensus on the ideal height of the light.

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