Wonderful Plastic Mason Jar Cups

Oct 17th
Plastic Mason Jar Cups
Plastic Mason Jar Cups

Wonderful Plastic Mason Jar Cups – Plastic mason jar cups are one of the most useful items and one of the easiest to obtain. Unlike metal containers, they won’t dent, break, or get misshapen in any way. They don’t rust, rot, or make rings on the surface even if they aren’t moved for months.

To start a versatile and handy collection of plastic Mason jar cups, begin with Miracle Whip. Those are the best. They are tall enough to keep a full bag of coffee enclosed and wide enough to get your fingers in to measure out a tablespoon of coffee. They are stack-able and clear so you can see the contents. With a white sticky label, you can identify the coffee flavor if you enjoy flavored coffees.

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Plastic Mason jar cups can be used to preserve and/or freeze spaghetti sauce, soups, pureed veggies, and just about anything that is freezable. In the fridge they keep candies, nuts, or anything you need to keep cold. For mixing, put the ingredients in, twist the cover on and shake. It is great for mixing omelets, sauces and marinades or whatever. You can definitely use the plastic jars cups in these purposes. They are sturdy enough to keep the goodies intact and sure to keep them fresh with the airtight lids. For washing, simply fill those two-thirds full of hot water and a squirt of dish soap; shake and let set if necessary.

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